D’abord y a eu ses larmes et ses yeux qui me fixaient silencieux. Ensuite, tous ces mots à demi révélés, ceux qu’ont cachent dans des soupirs.  Et puis y a eu cette rue dans la nuit et mes talons qui faisaient trop de bruits.



She was sitting right there, handle a glass of wine because she feel better when she is not sober. She was staring at you, dear.

You were right there, maybe you were in the wrong place, nobody will never known. 

She was smiling but not for looking at you. She was acting a dangerous game, but only her knows the rules. She is bad, she is mad. 

The darkness give her powerness. 

She was dressed like an angel. She brought you in the Hell.


Go ahead

It takes some times to find your way, to stop floating in your life.

My journey is long and I through it with all my determination. Many times I’ve would give up, crying all nights and days.

I know the finish is far but more close than before. It’s just a question of times and perseverance between myself and life.

Rest assured in the end, I’ll be fine.


I want to be with you, whatever the place. I can’t wait longer to see your face.

I need your words, I need to ear your voice. Unfortunately, life leaves me no choice.

Et maintenant,

Ce n’est qu’un temps, une periode, un instant… appelle le comme tu veux, comme tu le ressens.

Je pensais que je le vivrai autrement, que le manque se ferait moins pesant. Mais me voila à compter les jours à présent, les yeux rougis et le coeur palpitant.

Je passe mes nuits à faire des dialogues que seule moi j’entend, pour rompre ce silence présent.